Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have been meaning to post these next lovely little nuggets all morning but keep getting distracted by refilling the garden pond, breakfast and THPS3. Anyway, originally hailing from Italy but now living in Germany, Ninon makes 'Softies' - which seems to be what I am supposed to call cuddly toys these days. Regardless of terminology her 'Les Monstris' series are rad and I don't feel at all demasculinated by liking them...at all...not one bit...

Ira Knobbolstein

August Leafballs

Ninon has a blog you can follow with updates on her exhibitions and gallery showings if you are very fortunate and in the area. If not, or as well as this even, you can buy from her etsy shop where she has 17 for sale at the moment as well as other occasional bits 'n' bobs.

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