Saturday, March 13, 2010

(Not) My Father's Garden...

This video from Mirko Faienza is shot on a Panasonic HPX500 camera with a Fujion 17x7.6 HD lens. Called 'My Father's Garden' it's a delight to watch with lovely little focus pulls and close ups. Amazing that such characterful little critters can be so easily found, and with a not so serious soundtrack in a very BBC wildlife kind of a way, it really works. Not as sure about the dramatic drum towards the end or the sparkly opening credits but still well worth a watch.

(via the awesomer)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Songs for March...

My friend and I went to Sydney recently for a weekend of sweating and music...but mainly sweating, and there was a guy staying at the same hostel as us with a guitar and an incredible voice. How he is not famous I just don't know. Anyway he played two songs in particular that gave me that funny feeling inside that certain songs do, by bands that I should really know more about. Here they are:

Dispatch - Flying Horses (buy it)

In other not very new news, MGMT and Gorrilaz both have new albums out or on the horizon. MGMT's is due out 12/04 'citing!

If there is anyone who cares I'm sorry for the lack of 'Songs for February' post. My bad. I'm hoping to make up for it here. If you are feeling sad about this, here is the new and optimistic track from the Born Ruffians.

I forgot about you for a while there...

OK so it's the middle of March and all the evidence seems to suggest that I haven't posted since January 31st. Outrageous. I can't even really use the excuse of being too busy...I mean I have been quite busy, but too busy would be stretch.

I'll just get on with it then...

Something I have been thinking about a lot recently is the prospect of growing up and becoming, well, a grown up. Having a real job and getting a house and all that. I am hoping that when I eventually get a place it will be filled with 'functional art' like that from 100Percent's Etsy shop. They have some rad little nik-naks that would look great in my imaginary house. I particularly love the vintage alarm clock...I can't stand those bright digital ones...they're too damn bright! It's like trying to sleep with the light on. I have taped a little cardboard flap over the numbers on mine; it has a handle and everything for easy access to the time.

(through please sir)

This imaginary house of mine, by the way, will look pretty much exactly like this converted old carpenter's shop in Copenhagen. It's furnished by a company called Indenfor & Udenfor who sell international antiques to contemporary homes.