Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I forgot about you for a while there...

OK so it's the middle of March and all the evidence seems to suggest that I haven't posted since January 31st. Outrageous. I can't even really use the excuse of being too busy...I mean I have been quite busy, but too busy would be stretch.

I'll just get on with it then...

Something I have been thinking about a lot recently is the prospect of growing up and becoming, well, a grown up. Having a real job and getting a house and all that. I am hoping that when I eventually get a place it will be filled with 'functional art' like that from 100Percent's Etsy shop. They have some rad little nik-naks that would look great in my imaginary house. I particularly love the vintage alarm clock...I can't stand those bright digital ones...they're too damn bright! It's like trying to sleep with the light on. I have taped a little cardboard flap over the numbers on mine; it has a handle and everything for easy access to the time.

(through please sir)

This imaginary house of mine, by the way, will look pretty much exactly like this converted old carpenter's shop in Copenhagen. It's furnished by a company called Indenfor & Udenfor who sell international antiques to contemporary homes.

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