Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Songs for March...

My friend and I went to Sydney recently for a weekend of sweating and music...but mainly sweating, and there was a guy staying at the same hostel as us with a guitar and an incredible voice. How he is not famous I just don't know. Anyway he played two songs in particular that gave me that funny feeling inside that certain songs do, by bands that I should really know more about. Here they are:

Dispatch - Flying Horses (buy it)

In other not very new news, MGMT and Gorrilaz both have new albums out or on the horizon. MGMT's is due out 12/04 'citing!

If there is anyone who cares I'm sorry for the lack of 'Songs for February' post. My bad. I'm hoping to make up for it here. If you are feeling sad about this, here is the new and optimistic track from the Born Ruffians.

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  1. nice blog there dude..
    Flash Delerium is a nice song
    Anyways, you should try to put out more songs a month...