Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's only how many days until Christmas??

Unbelievably, although I'm sure I only just switched from shorts to jeans, Christmas is now only 35 tiny, insignificant days away. Quite how it has snuck up on me is a mystery, especially as I am normally such an unashamed lover of anything prematurely festive. As far as I'm concerned, as soon as we get to the '-ember' months it's time to get excited!

Anyway, as such, online Christmas shopping is officially in full swing which means visiting shops that I can't normally justify buying things from. Win! One such place is Sydney based Upon A Fold, a world of delightful paper artistry run by Justine and Matt who source paper goods from all over the world as well as creating their own. Visit for beautiful jewellery, pretty stationery, paper planes and perfectly engineered pop-ups, this is a magical journey into the world of paper.

Here are some of their newest and most Christmasy finds...

Pop up Card (Red)

Gift Wrapping Book

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