Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Songs of the week

Taking a hint from the suggestive (although until now, inaccurate) name of this blog, I think it's time to post some of the music I've been enjoying this week. Two tracks should do for now. Both somehow feel like Spring but in very different ways. On a side note, it's still very weird to be going into spring at the end of August...

Free Energy - Free Energy (buy it)
Radio ready 70's power pop/air guitar fun produced by LCD's James Murphy. Cheap and easy but delicious nonetheless.

Eyedea & Abilities - This Story (buy it)
About as hip-hop as I get and catchy as hell. Love it.

Also I was clearing out my 'Misc' bookmarks folder today; it was brimming with links to overlooked pages. This is normally a thankless task but the art of Reed Danziger is my forgotten favourite of the week. I love the effect of the coloured, geometric shapes and the mix media. The piece below uses watercolor, gouache, graphite and silkscreen...all things I would very much like to be better at.

'an intermediate order, an equation of motion'

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