Thursday, December 17, 2009

Songs for December...

Songs for November got missed and December is flying by at a startling rate so I thought I should post some music before it's the new year. I've been making a non-Christmasy Christmas mix for my brother and sister this week - it's dug up some excellent material for this post!

Das Pop - Never Get Enough (buy it)
'Butterfly belly aches, keep me up night and day. You radiate sunshine and make it reverberate' It's such a very happy little ditty that it had to go on.

Speech Debelle - Spinnin' (buy it)
Just about hip-hop, this combines tonnes of optimism and hope with the odd self deprecating lyric to keep it grounded, and fun little drum bits with cute piano loops. Tres bien.

Owl City - Fireflies
I've been pining for a new Postal Service album for far too long and this starts to fill the hole. It's almost too cheesy but it will have to do for now...

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